Friday, January 20, 2012

My Ego, My God-self, the One

One of my Sacred Sisters, I'll call her May, just spoke to me of her thoughts about volunteering at her church to teach a class. She said it's uncomfortable and out of her comfort zone. I invited her to consider that it's actually out of her EGO's comfort zone. That her God-self is tuned into Divine Consciousness and will do the work that is being asked of her.

So, I am reminded that when I'm most uncomfortable, it's usually my ego that is squirming with thoughts of "not good enough", and the ego rests in my mind and my thinking. When I open my heart to the consideration that I am led by my God-self, fear, feelings of unworthiness, inabilities, fall to the wayside. Even if a job is not done perfectly in society's view, it's perfect in Divine Order.

We don't always have to know how or why God acts through us. We don't have to. We just have to show up, sans ego.

So, maybe that's the answer to the question that came to me this afternoon during my mediation. Spirit seemed to ask me "Chris, what are you doing with your life?"

I'm thinking that what I'm doing with my life is aligning/merging my ego with my God-self. Isn't that the essence of non-duality thinking? There is only one of us, and you are my reflection. So, it must be, there isn't "my ego" on one side and "my God-self" on the other. Rather, they are one of the Whole. Separation is in the mind. There is only one.
You and I are Part of the One

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