Monday, January 23, 2012

Praying for Others

A wonderful Unity Minister (Rev. Amalia Frank) once told me we had no business praying for others, because we always want to choose the outcome. For instance: Please God, help Jim get a job; Help Julie find her purse; help Joan recover from her cold.

These may all sound like desirable outcomes... but isn't it really our will/ego wanting what's we think is best for another? At least, that's what Amalia taught. Right or wrong, I think this type of prayer is better than none. But how about simply holding the Light for another's highest good.

Today's Daily Word says we should let go of any attachment to a specific outcome, but to expand our vision, seeing the one we pray for as whole, radiating center of life and love, filled with Divine Wisdom.

When I see a homeless person, or a morbidly obese person, or a reckless driver... I send them love and affirm for their highest good.

The cool thing is.... it feels really good to pray for others! I love it!

I know, they say if you send out love, you'll get love back. But getting the love back isn't the motivator here... it's the PROCESS of praying for and loving others that is the finest reward. In keeping the energy of a prayerful consciousness it sets up a love vibration that fills and sustains.

Who would you like to send prayers to today
Who needs your love?

Click on Prayer Crone to read today's prayer for others.

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