Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Thoughts are Prayers

Our thoughts are prayers,
and we are always praying.
Be careful of what you're saying.
Seek a higher consciousness,
a state of peacefulness
And know that God is always there.
And every thought becomes a prayer.

I heard the words of this song again yesterday while listening to "Fellowship for Today" out of Lansing Michigan. I attended that New Thought church over 30 years ago, right when it was a fresh start up (or off-spring from the local Unity Church). I was reminded once again, of the Universal Principle of the Law of Attraction. God/Universe isn't punishing or blessing us. It is responding to the vibrational attitude we are emitting. If we choose Joy then more vibrational Joy will flow to us.

I choose to hold space for a prayerful life. I invite you to join me.
Please make a comment. Let's connect in the vibration of Love and Oneness.


  1. As a companion to this post posts every Monday on Growing Gratitude. For me it's great to see the interconnectedness of bloggers trying cultivate a mindful life.

  2. I, too, am trying to live my life more intentionally, more mindfullly. Such peace and joy and gratitude in the wonder of everyday life!


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