Friday, May 11, 2012

Confusing Circumstances, Sitting in the Light

I'm not alone. I don't think. I'm not the only one who has days of dark reflections. Stuff gone wrong. Missed details that result in costly corrections. Someone I've let down (even though I thought I was doing my best). Things undone, unsaid. Things overdone, over-said. Just can't get it right.

Are these all reflections of me? Reflecting my shadow?

So, I chose to sit in the Light. To breathe the Light. Focus on the Light. I sure as heck can't figure things out, let alone make correction. Ah, the monkey mind wants to hash and rehash, figure it all out. (Maybe point fingers?)

But, I bring my awareness back to the Light. To sit in the Light of God.

And, when I turned to the Daily Word... here's what it reflected!
Inner Peace
My world is at peace because I am at peace.
I accept the responsibility to generate peace on earth by keeping myself in harmony. No matter how confused outer circumstances may become, I do not allow them to disturb my inner serenity. I am the keeper of my thoughts, and my reaction to turmoil is one of calm assuredness.
When my mind is at peace, I am receptive to the inspiration of the Christ within, and I find a way out of every difficulty. My ability to meet conditions with grace comes from my peace of mind. I do not imagine disastrous scenarios; I visualize what I desire and allow my thoughts to dwell on it in peace.
The indwelling Christ shows me the way of peace, and I follow.
Listen to me; be silent, and I will teach you wisdom. --Job 33:33

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