Monday, December 12, 2011

Crone I AM, first post, not waiting for New Year, Birthday, Solstice, etc!

I was going to wait to start entry here. But Spirit said "GO!" loud and clear. I decided to step out of teacher persona and just journal my heart out. Here's this morning's musings:

Whoa, what a roller coaster I am on. I am so up and down emotionally. This morning I’m fairly well. So much on my mind and my future plans list… I just started a new blog entitled CRONE I AM.
I started the morning waking to the alarm, even though I was asleep by 8:30 or so last night. I had a vivid dream about a church and nudists who were also very Amish? Jewish? Something, they wore skull caps and funny old fashioned shoes, but were okay being nude anyway. We were in line going into the church. There was a food table outside. There was a plump older, swedish type woman, with scaly complection, giving me information. I made special note of her beautiful round face, yet the scaliness of her skin. Haven’t a clue what it all means.

 The alarm woke me up, 5:40 and time to prep for being on the suicide hotline. I lit my candle and incense, then read some emails. I was led to reading “The Owl and the Crow” ( This woman, Stephanie, is a soul collage therapist, and her info is all about the Goddesses. She has a slide show “God is a Woman”, something like that. Very moving. She also offers a course of study, In the Lap of the Goddess. I’m seriously thinking about this.

It all dovetails into my question of my new course of study, the new year, especially being 2012 with all the predictions of the end of the world. Plus, turning 65 the forth of January…. I just got it, to study deeply, each of the Goddesses she presents. To journal about them, do journey with them, paint them, make alters, do my art each month focused on that Goddess. I’m planning to take Willowing’s year long group, much is about faces, so this should fit right in.

I love it when things come to a composite right in front of me. So, being who and how I AM, I started a new blog: CRONE I AM. Guess I already mentioned that. But, again, it all fits together. I don’t have a clear picture of what the blog will look like, just that it will chronicle deeper spiritual revelations. I started a blog last July CRONE CHRONICLE, but it’s not feeling right. This one does. Maybe because I’m stepping into that role. Oh, it’s not a role, it’s my I AM. I am the one who is now fully crone. No longer Maiden, Mother, simply Crone.

I was so impressed and in awe of Stephanie’s writing, I stepped back in trepidation: I’m not good enough. I can’t write like that. I don’t have her skills, her degree, her knowledge.

Wait! Stop you foolish girl, woman, crone.

You are YOU, and you have value, if only to and for your Self, as you explore what God really meant when she created you.

This is your journey. Only you can write it. Maybe someone will stumble upon your work and resonate. It has value.


  1. I "stumbled" upon your new blog, and your writing. It DOES resonate with me. Even if it didn't, your work still has value--for you. Because you ARE. Thank you for sharing ... for making yourself vulnerable to those who stop by. I'll be back.
    Namaste w/Blessings
    § :~D)>o


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